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Our Story

The Stilley House Assisted Living history, its historic name and its family heritage reflects and goes deep into the past and present of Marshall County and beyond.

The Stilley House, located in Benton, KY, with a welcoming antique décor and state of the art technology, was built on the historic Stilley estate. Dr. Van Albert Stilley lived on the estate until his death in 1944. He saw patients in his home and visited them on horseback until Marshall County roads were paved in the 1930’s.

The Stilley House Assisted Living carries on the tradition and mission of Dr. Van Stilley and his family in its’ dedication to the well-being of each respected and valued relative, friend, parent, or grandparent who is in need of supportive assistance. Just as Dr. Stilley cared for the community in his home, we do the same thing by caring for your family in our home. The Stilley house offers a loving home where security and peace of mind blend beautifully with gracious living!

The J.D.Gammel Sr. and Dr. Van Stilley families had close ties. The Gammel’s acquired 3 acres of land from the Stilley Estate, next to the Dr. Stilley home, and built the Gammel home in 1950. Years later, the remainder of the Stilley Estate was purchased by J.D Gammel, Jr. and his brother Theo, from Van Albert Stilley III, grandson of the late Dr. Van Stilley. The Stilley House Assisted Living opened in October, 1997, becoming the first operational assisted living community in Kentucky, west of Louisville. Seventeen years later, it continues to be family owned and operated, but the memories linger with the pictures of the respected Dr. Van Stilley in the home named after him. We are honored to carry on the tradition of caring to Western Kentucky.